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Mobile Development Services

It is no secret that the mobile industry is constantly growing nowadays and obviously this occurs due to the sharp increase in demand for mobile applications.People today, especially for business purposes, are utilizing their mobile devices and smartphones to save time, multitask and generally make life more flexible. While game apps development is still very popular, social networking, mobile advertising and content sharing enterprise solutions have joined in the limelight of popularity as well.

Sharptag’s accurate approach to client requirements guarantees our constant growth across the industry regardless of high competition. Our mobile developers are exceptionally talented mobile specialists who can implement your mobile application ideas into the high-end final product in the shortest timelines. Sharptag has an extremely careful and high standard approach to the selection of ideal candidates.

Sharptag’s mobile development team can deliver high quality products for iOS, Android, WinPhone and platforms which can be used in different areas such as:

  • Business & education
  • Finance & productivity
  • E-Commerce
  • Music, photo & video
  • E-books
  • Social networking
  • Gaming
  • Productivity
  • Google services

iOS Development Services

iOS development, iOS apps

It is beyond any doubt that Apple products are the most recognizable in the world of mobile devices. Our mobile development team is ready to handle challenging tasks in developing iOS applications. Whether your business is just starting or you are already established, with iOS based application it will be much easier to receive an excellent return on investment and reach a global audience. As your business needs grow and change in today's world of high technology, going mobile will assist your business in operating more effectively and with greater flexibility to you, your employees and your clients wherever they may be. Sharptag’s mobile development team will help you realize your plans and will take care of new products on iOS. We are able to provide you with apps for Apple devices, including latest iPhone and iPad models. Let us help you to expand your look and increase your target market further.

Android Development Services

Android development services

Mobile revolution has a lot of promise to be one of the biggest technological trends of our age. Mobile version is a must for any progressive solution. A ramping up number of users of mobile device on Android proves that this platform is not less popular than iOS. Choosing to develop an application for Android platform will offer some great benefits such as: a wider target audience, strengthen existing user relationships and attract new clients.

Sharptag’s mobile development team has a vast experience in Android apps development. We understand that there are some limitations when developing for Android platform and thatis why our programming services include a scalable design and cross-device compatibility. It is extremely important to make sure that your app will work on most popular Android based devices. For this purpose our team will make a detail-orientated testing which is critical to ensure visual and performance consistency between devices. Our Android apps developers usethelatest development technologies, Java and Android SDK for creating custom applications.

Windows Phone Development Services

Windows Phone development

Microsoft’s powerful advantage within global mobile solutions market, Windows Phone is utilized by major mobile device producers such as HTC, Nokia, and LG. A number of WinPhone fans is constantly increasing and therefore more manufacturers are selecting this platform for their mobile products. Important Fact to note: The Widows Phone system is supported by Microsoft who pays many efforts to win a big market share all over the world. Therefore, Windows Phone is a serious contender of Android and iOS.

Sharptag’s mobile engineers have solid experience and expertise in applications developing for Windows Phone OS and can implement your ideas to life for all types of devices. And it does not matter whether you are going to sell an app through the Windows Phone Store, own distribution channels or if you will use it for some personal purposes. Our mobile development team will provide you with careful testing on each step of the development process and as a result you get a high quality product.

Hire our mobile development team - enjoy the benefits and get advantages of presence in the mobile market!

Mobile Web Site Development

HTML5 development

Today more and more people use mobile devices in their daily lives.If youwould like your clients to have an access to your website any time, you should consider using HTML5 development services.

Web based applications and mobile versions of websites make your business mobile due to their flexibility. If you would like to build a web based application, you will have a list of advantages over native apps. Though it is a very challenging task, with the help of our HTML5 developers you will get a very powerful, scalable and affordable cross-platform solution.